MilkyWeb Digital Services & Frequently Asked Questions

Websites, Marketing and Branding are a very involved & important part of your business growth strategy, allow us to simplify the process for you. Got questions? Find answers here.

Got a brief? Tell us what you need: info@milkyweb.co.nz

1) What sort of design work do you do?

Our core strength is in bespoke web design, brand creation and web development on the WordPress, Shopify and Laravel platforms. We specialise in several sectors including food franchise website design, government, medical, dental and finance sectors. Our services include:

+ Custom website design and development
+ UX & CX Strategy & Research
+ Branding design / strategy / copy
+ App / UI Design
+ Email EDM design / writing / coding
+ & select print design work.

The rest we leave to our trusted partners. All our work is produced and managed in-house by our team including 3 rounds of revisions. Our clients never leave unsatisfied.

2) I’m starting a new business, can you help with my logo, branding and website as a package?

Absolutely, we welcome this type of work and we have named and info@milkyweb.co.nz

3) How long will it take?

Websites can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months depending on the size, complexity and scope. We always start with an in-person discovery workshop to get to know your business and finish with training and user manuals for your website. Read about our design process here.

Branding takes 2-6 weeks minimum and is a very involved process that cannot be rushed, don’t worry we’ll get you involved too.

Print jobs can take from 1-4 weeks to design, print and deliver (we take care of printing and delivery if required, or use your own printer). We generally only do print work for our web or brand customers, meaning that we avoid one off flyers or jobs.

4.1) How much will my website cost?

We have 3 classes of websites, A, B and C class.

‘A’ class – Our big budget websites range from $25k – >100k+gst. These consist of a complete UX discovery process with custom interface design and are created strictly on-brand and on target to your business purpose. These sites can be as big as required (usually over 20 pages) and have as many custom modules and functionality as specified. Most of our sites are ‘A’ class custom sites, these are our specialty.

Sample websites and industries:

‘B’ class – A fusion of C and A; These range from $12k -> 35k+gst and are a customised theme with many unique elements (What are the advantages of Theme Templates vs. Custom Web Design?). Ideal for a business that has out-grown their first website, these sites are typically no bigger than 15 pages but can be extended.

Sample websites and industries:

‘C’ class – Our simplest websites / landing pages range from $2.5k -> 12k+gst. Ideal for startups, promotions and small business, these are based on a slightly customised themes or templates which we will help you select specific to your business. We have a brand new service in 2019 that specialises in these: Dayweb, Small business websites. These are usually a long scrolling 1 page website or a simple 2-4 page template website. Due to the simple nature of these websites the core focus is on great engaging content, photography and clear call to action buttons. We will take care of photography, colour changes, logos and fonts. These sites are typically no bigger than 1-4 pages but can be extended easily. We don’t have many examples of these as we mostly do B and A class sites:

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